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Variable Speed Versatility Grinder, Slack-Action (120V) - Dynabrade 64860

This item is brand new and comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer.

Model Number:64860
Item Description:Variable Speed Versatility Grinder, Slack-Action (120V)
Weight:120 pounds
More Information:  
  • 1 hp, 120 V (AC), 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 600-4,000 SFPM, for ¼"-2" W × 72" L (6-51 mm × 122 cm) Belts
  • Machine offers simplified design that eliminates belt tension rollers to reduce maintenance costs.Design also allows greater use of abrasive belt slack areas. Operator has flexibility to finish workpiece on belt slack in a variety of positions, for optimum efficiency.
  • Versatility Grinder powers 72" abrasive belts in widths from ¼" to 2", to provide a wide variety of finishing solutions.Ideal for use on castings and forgings, turbine blades, medical implants, investment castings and more.
  • Ideal for use on castings and forgings, turbine blades, medical implants, investment castings and more. Adjustable air belt tensioning provides constant control. Pivoting arm assembly for operator comfort.
  • Unit includes efficient through-housing 4" vacuum port for dust control with optional vacuum scoop (64932).

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